Starter Kits

Electronic cigarette starter kits are a great way to begin your electronice cigarette experience. 

With several to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one to fit your needs.  Whether you want prefilled cartomizers (cartridge/atomizer combined), or you want to fill your own cartridges and cartomizers with your favorite Dekang Smoke Juice (e-liquid) then we have the right kit for you.

You can also purchase extra accessories, batteries in other colors and stock up on e-liquids all in one simple shopping spot!

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Boge VEC EGO Starter Kit
Boge VEC EGO Starter Kit comes with: 1 batteries (1 black) 1 ta..
Ex Tax: $54.95
Boge 310 Starter Kit
Boge JCA 310 Starter Kit comes with: 2 batteries (1 black/1 white) 5 empt..
Ex Tax: $54.95
Boge 510T Starter Kit
Boge 510T Starter Kit comes with: 2 batteries (1 black/1 white) 2 tank at..
Ex Tax: $54.95
Boge Revolution V2.1 Electronic Cigarette Kit
The Boge Revolution 2.1 Electronic Cigarette is an all in one vaping device. It comes with a buil..
Ex Tax: $69.95
Electronic Cigar
The Electronic Cigar looks like real cigar, apart from this, its practical functions ma..
Ex Tax: $39.95
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V2 - 310 Economy Kit
If you are looking for the one of the most affordable ways to get started  with V2 electroni..
Ex Tax: $59.95
V2 - 310 Ultimate Kit
The V2 Ultimate Kit lets you get the most out of your V2 experience. It has all of our most popul..
Ex Tax: $199.95